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Making streets safer for all users

Asphalt Art Safety Study

Photo of street art transformation Introduction When most people think of transportation infrastructure, they envision drab, forgettable stretches of asphalt and concrete that get you

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Silent Lights

Located in the north Fort Greene neighborhood, Silent Lights is an artistic lighting project conceived by New York City DOT’s Urban Arts Program and the

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City Heights, San Diego

In the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego, community partners helped improve the transit user experience, cultivated local ownership of a transit line, and improved

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New Hampshire Ave: This is a Place to…

A stretch of New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park, MD just outside Washington, DC was a typical auto-oriented street designed to move commuters through a place quickly, making walking, rolling, and biking for residents not just difficult but unsafe. With an invite from the city, a dance group harnessed the power of arts and culture to shift the narrative of a place defined by its transportation challenges.

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