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Image of over.under.pass in Greensboro, NC. The underpass is lit with red, purple, and white lights creating a friendly environment for people walking, rolling, or using the space.
Photo: Courtesy of National Endowment for the Arts

Formed in 2001 to help strengthen Greensboro’s economy, Action Greensboro developed Over.Under.Pass in 2012 as a creative means of reclaiming an abandoned railroad underpass to provide a safe, aesthetically-pleasing connection between historically African American neighborhoods in south Greensboro and the employment and cultural hub of downtown. A selection panel consisting of community members, elected officials, and city staff enlisted local artists Jim Gallucci and Scott Richardson to enliven the underpass with sculpture and light installation. Today, the public art installation serves as a key connection that attracts both commuters and recreational users. 

Key Partners: Action Greensboro, Jim Gallucci, Scott Richardson