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Healing wounds and divisions

Image of Downtown Pathways pedestrian walkway in El Paso. The path is painted in green and white chevron.

Downtown Pathways

The City of El Paso used cultural programming and public art to create a more efficient pedestrian connection between two centers of cultural and economic

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Image of artist and activist Melvin Giles discussing an art piece located on the Green Line in Saint Paul, MN.

Reconnect Rondo

The construction of Interstate 94 destroyed Saint Paul’s Rondo neighborhood, a predominantly African American neighborhood in the 1960s. For the last several decades, the community

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Image of over.under.pass in Greensboro, NC. The underpass is lit with red, purple, and white lights creating a friendly environment for people walking, rolling, or using the space.


Formed in 2001 to help strengthen Greensboro’s economy, Action Greensboro developed Over.Under.Pass in 2012 as a creative means of reclaiming an abandoned railroad underpass to

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Image of Chinaco Park where you can see the murals painted underneath the highway.

Chicano Park

In a neighborhood that was cut in half by the construction of Interstate 5 in the 1960s, local artists and community members came together to

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