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Image of Voices of Remembrance, a work of public art commissioned by TriMet that references the Japanese internment camp that was built during WWII at the site that is now the MAX Yellow Line Expo Center station.

Voices of Remembrance

Portland’s MAX light rail stations are full of examples of site-specific works that relate to their surrounding places, people, and history, including Valerie Otani’s Voices

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Image of person playing inside a newly redesigned bus station stop

Moving Stories

The Indianapolis-based project Moving Stories sourced stories from bus riders about what makes Indianapolis home for them; then shared those stories through images and quotes

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Image of a group of people standing in a semi-circle inside a building around two large pained banners on the ground.


Though the new Green Line light rail line would finally connect the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul with rail transit, business owners, local

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Photo of temporary crosswalk installation by two people in bright vests

Envision Nolensville Pike

Alongside Nolensville Pike—a congested, auto-oriented, typical arterial highway in South Nashville—lives a thriving community of immigrants and refugees primarily composed of Latinx, Kurdish, Somali and

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