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Moving Stories

Image of person playing inside a newly redesigned bus station stop

The Indianapolis-based project Moving Stories sourced stories from bus riders about what makes Indianapolis home for them; then shared those stories through images and quotes displayed in buses, as well as with interactive components on social media. Moving Stories, created in partnership with IndyGo, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, as well as CityWrite and Writing Futures at Marian University, both under the direction of English Professor Mark Latta, helped riders to understand their bus as a third place, a social space where riders feel a sense of connection.

“A moving exhibit—literally!—devoted to the stories and images of what makes Indy home for our community. A “home” is greater than a place where you sleep. Home is a neighborhood, a community group, and a place for leisure. These are places we feel comfortable, safe, happy, and define and shape who we are. Mass transit plays a vital role as a connector to these places.” 

– Spirit & Place Festival

Key partners: IndyGo, Arts Council of Indianapolis, Marian University