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Mode: Active Transportation

Image of Downtown Pathways pedestrian walkway in El Paso. The path is painted in green and white chevron.

Downtown Pathways

The City of El Paso used cultural programming and public art to create a more efficient pedestrian connection between two centers of cultural and economic

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Photo of women standing around and beside their outdoor engagement installation

Mariposa Creek Parkway

Partnering with the Mariposa Arts Council to form a Creative Placemaking Advisory Council, the Mariposa County Planning Department created an artist-led plan to develop a

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Photo of temporary crosswalk installation by two people in bright vests

Envision Nolensville Pike

Alongside Nolensville Pike—a congested, auto-oriented, typical arterial highway in South Nashville—lives a thriving community of immigrants and refugees primarily composed of Latinx, Kurdish, Somali and

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