Downtown Pathways

Image of Downtown Pathways pedestrian walkway in El Paso. The path is painted in green and white chevron.

The City of El Paso used cultural programming and public art to create a more efficient pedestrian connection between two centers of cultural and economic activity in the city: the Union Plaza District and the Downtown Arts District. The challenge In El Paso, a private locked parking lot separated two centers of cultural and economic […]

IndyGo Red Line Bus Rapid Transit

Image of musician performing inside of bus

To help Indianapolis’ first bus rapid transit (BRT) route succeed, the Arts Council of Indianapolis and Transit Drives Indy worked with a number of artists to create interventions that educated the public about the Red Line’s route, construction progress, and destinations that the new BRT service will help people to access. The challenge Like many […]

Reconnect Rondo

Image of artist and activist Melvin Giles discussing an art piece located on the Green Line in Saint Paul, MN.

The construction of Interstate 94 destroyed Saint Paul’s Rondo neighborhood, a predominantly African American neighborhood in the 1960s. For the last several decades, the community has come together to celebrate Rondo and to advocate for a land bridge that would “reconnect Rondo and reignite a vibrant African American cultural enterprise district in Saint Paul.” The […]


Image of over.under.pass in Greensboro, NC. The underpass is lit with red, purple, and white lights creating a friendly environment for people walking, rolling, or using the space.

Formed in 2001 to help strengthen Greensboro’s economy, Action Greensboro developed Over.Under.Pass in 2012 as a creative means of reclaiming an abandoned railroad underpass to provide a safe, aesthetically-pleasing connection between historically African American neighborhoods in south Greensboro and the employment and cultural hub of downtown. A selection panel consisting of community members, elected officials, […]

Chicano Park

Image of Chinaco Park where you can see the murals painted underneath the highway.

In a neighborhood that was cut in half by the construction of Interstate 5 in the 1960s, local artists and community members came together to reclaim the disruptive piece of transportation infrastructure and create a park featuring murals, performance space, and cultural programming that serves the needs of the community.  The challenge For decades, the […]

Voices of Remembrance

Image of Voices of Remembrance, a work of public art commissioned by TriMet that references the Japanese internment camp that was built during WWII at the site that is now the MAX Yellow Line Expo Center station.

Portland’s MAX light rail stations are full of examples of site-specific works that relate to their surrounding places, people, and history, including Valerie Otani’s Voices of Remembrance, a work of public art commissioned by TriMet that references the Japanese internment camp that was built during WWII at the site that is now the MAX Yellow […]

Moving Stories

Image of person playing inside a newly redesigned bus station stop

The Indianapolis-based project Moving Stories sourced stories from bus riders about what makes Indianapolis home for them; then shared those stories through images and quotes displayed in buses, as well as with interactive components on social media. Moving Stories, created in partnership with IndyGo, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, as well as CityWrite and Writing […]

TRANSIT – Creative Placemaking with Europe in Baltimore

The TRANSIT – Creative Placemaking with Europe in Baltimore sought to expand local ownership over two elements of transportation infrastructure: bus shelters in southeast Baltimore; and the Penn Station plaza, the space outside Baltimore’s main transportation hub in central Baltimore. The challenge Between 2000 and 2010, the City of Baltimore’s Hispanic or Latinx population grew […]

Santo Domingo Heritage Trail Arts Project

After years of transportation disinvestment that disconnected the pueblo from nearby economic hubs and pathways for tourism, the rich artistic and cultural assets of the pueblo guided and informed a process to create a safe pedestrian trail connecting the town, the pueblo housing developments, and a new commuter rail station. The challenge Located between Albuquerque […]

Paseo Boricua Flag

A parade passes under a statue of a Puerto Rican flag in the Paseo Boricua neighborhood of Chicago. The city gifted a matching pair of flag statues to the Puerto Rican neighborhood in 1995. Flickr photo by Emily.

In the 1990s, a coalition of more than 80 Puerto Rican community organizations and business leaders came together to prevent displacement of their community in the West Town neighborhood. In collaboration with elected leaders and the city, the group established “Paseo Boricua” and erected two 9-foot, steel Puerto Rican flag sculptures which still stand today […]